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yo i'm justin
fc: 1375 8500 0259
nintendo id: futurefantastic
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day 5. 10 am: timestamp

day 7. button: on my pants

day 9. front door: which im standing in front of

day 10. self portrait: which this is

day 11: makes you happy: this shirt

day 12. inside your closet: clothes from

day 13. blue: my pants are

day 14. heart: on my

day 15. phone.

day 17. time: pocket watch

day 20. handwriting: written on the

day 21. favourite photo of me.

day 22. where i work: at home usually

day 23. my shoes: which im wearing

day 24. inside bathroom cabinet: where i got the tylenol

day 25. green: the scrubs from my closet

day 28. money: in my pocket

day 29. something youre listening to: headphones.

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