secret octopus

yo i'm justin
fc: 1375 8500 0259
nintendo id: futurefantastic
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that reminds me i should lock the door before i go to sleep


I should go to bed or something

now this is relatable

i don’t know what my grandparents’ parents look like either

it’s so fucked up i don’t know what most of your parents look like

oh bother now it’s later still

vondell it’s tricky on daylight savings when all of a sudden it’s 1:00 am after being 1:59 am so like technically it’s earlier than before but in name only

this is a sentiment that is never false

then i truly hope this is my next big relatable text post

oh christ it’s even later than before

i’ve started to believe that this is my natural hair color

i forget how to take a webcam selfie

how old r u

old enough

>:( not from hot topic

uh i want a hylian shield backpack