secret octopus

yo i'm justin
fc: 1375 8500 0259
nintendo id: futurefantastic
jhog cinema

*wide-eyed disbelief*

I’m having feelings like some kind of 14 year old kid

I learned a lot about how to deal with loss when my dad’s dad died when I was 4. I walked into my parents’ room and realized they weren’t crying and they may have even been smiling or laughing and i asked them why they weren’t crying
and my mom said “just because we aren’t crying doesn’t mean we aren’t sad”
so shout out to my mom for teaching me that my feelings are valid and personal


chillin with j-hogz

why my hair is so big

literally allegra is pretending to talk on the phone to ignore me


Justin’s killin all our vibes here

voldey pretending like he’s younger than me over here

ok then what is noun-chill

he’s messy and fake. like dropping a carton of soy milk

mina isn’t being extra he just is it
trust me I know this lingo

who else wants Mina’s extra ass to go away

I love that ben hasn’t said anything he just is liking all my posts

mina how are you gonna say chill is a noun if you say “chill people”

I can’t believe how messy you guys are
go pick up your room or no dessert tonight!!


i think this is the first time justin has ever acted his age

well I’m not being fake


Justin is that dad who thinks he’s gonna be all hip by trying out the new lingo he hears his kids repeating but he ends up using it incorrectly and his kids just giggle at him

this post is so god damn chill!!!